Vinata Project


The Vinata Project is located in the Municipality of Chihuahua, State of Chihuahua 50 km south of the city of Chihuahua.

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Location of the Vinata Project

Deposit Geology

Two main target zones have been identified at the Vinata project, Vinata North and Vinata South, separated by 3.5 km of quaternary gravels. Vinata North surface expression consists on a series of epithermal veins running along strike for 1.1 km with individual thicknesses between 1m and 12m. The entire vein zone reaches 120m of width in some areas. The Vinata North veins are characterized by typical high-level anomalies of Au, Ag, As, Ba, Hg, Mn, and other pathfinder elements. The veins are hosted within silicified rhyolite flows and surrounded by calcareous sediments and dioritic dykes. Observations from the first drilling campaign show significant gold values associated with fine quartz vein stockwork in the mentioned rhyolites. The Vinata South target consists of a group of old artisanal mining works where Manganese-rich veins and hydrothermal breccias were exploited in the past. The Mn bearing structures are hosted within welded ignimbrite layers and show strong anomalies of As, Ba, Sb, and Mo that Sable considers might zone at depth to Ag/Au mineralization. The presence of limestone and diorite intrusions opens the possibility of a concealed skarn or CRD target.

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Vinata North vein styles and B. Manganese high-grade structures at Vinata South

Exploration to Date

The system was initially found via stream sediments sampling in 2012 and stayed on hold waiting for mineral titles until 2018 when Sable re-started exploration activities. The company has conducted detailed mapping, and collected 186 rock samples which have returned values of up to 184 ppb Au un to 1,490 ppm As, up to 3,040 ppm Sb, up to 14.5 ppm Hg, and over 10,000 ppm Ba, and up to 176 ppm Mo. In April 2019 Sable acquired 170 km of GroundMag followed by 8.95 km of CSAMT surveys.

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Vinata Magnetic RTP map showing Vinata North and South targets along with holes drilled in 2019


In 2019 and early 2020 Sable completed a first round of drilling consisting of ten drillholes targeting the outcropping vein zones at Vinata North. Several of the drillholes intercepted wide intervals of low-grade mineralization including:



0.28 g/t Au over 51.3m from 46.0 to 97.3m Including 0.44 g/t Au over 30.3m from 49.0 to 79.3m



0.24 g/t Au over 12.4m from 6.85 to 19.25m



0.24 g/t Au over 8.9m from 43.8 to 52.7m and 0.11 g/t Au over 22.1m from 79.9 to 102.0m



0.035 g/t Au over 30.45m from 154.05 to 184.5m

Gold values are associated with fine quartz veinlets, silicification, and hematite alteration within rhyolite flows. A second drilling campaign is currently advancing looking for the feeder of this large gold anomaly as well as testing the Vinata South target.

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Geological Interpretation of Section containing holes VIN-DDH-01, 03, 05, and 09

Status: Phase 3 Exploration Early-Stage Drilling