Los Pumas Project


The Los Pumas Project is located in the Department of Iglesia, province of San Juan, 21 km south of the Don Julio Cluster.

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Location of the Los Pumas Project with respect to the Don Julio Cluster also showing unexplored regional properties

Deposit Geology

Los Pumas represents the first Greenfields discovery within Sable’s regional properties outside of the Don Julio Cluster. A large portion of our properties remain unexplored as shown in the map above. Los Pumas consists of a 4 by 6 km alteration zone associated to the contact between Permian granites and Carboniferous metasediments. Abundant felsic and mafic dykes of unknown age crosscut the two mentioned lithologies. at least five clusters of mineralization have been found showing different styles such as quartz-tourmaline veins/breccias, sheeted quartz veinlets hosted by granite, and discrete high-grade structures in metasediments. The alteration observed includes sericite, K-Feldspar, tourmaline, magnetite and carbonate, associated with sulfides such as pyrite, chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite, and tetrahedrite. The project is early stage and additional mapping, soil sampling, trenching, and geophysics are being planned to further understand the mineralization characteristics. Current surface sampling shows values of up to 103 g/t Au, 2,650 g/t Ag, and 2.9% Cu.

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Highlighted surface samples at Los Pumas Projects expressed as Gold Equivalent (AuEq g/t U$1,500 per ounce of gold, U$ 20 per ounce of silver, U$ 3.0 per pound of copper

Exploration to Date

Los Pumas is a very early stage project. Sable has only conducted three short field campaigns of mapping and rock sampling. 282 rock samples have been collected until now. Future work includes road access, trenching, soil sampling, and geophysics.

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Los Pumas Geological Map


The Project has never been drilled. Sable is the first company conducting exploration in the area.

Status: PHASE 2 Exploration